Welcome to the Fase Wind Center in Camping Las Dunas!
The center was redesigned in 2017 and we made it bigger in 2018 to increase it’s capacity. Since 2017, Fase Wind is a Simmer Style Intenational Test Center, so you will find the best toys in the storage. We have designed 3 new main areas to fit all our activities. 

Dry Area:
Visit our shop, take a look to the new and second hand stock, book your activities or just give a look. After the shop you will find the chill area and the surf bar, the perfect place to calm down  and participate in the center’s life.

Wet Area:
Rig your equipment, rinse it after sailing and store it, it’s free if you are lodging in Camping Las Dunas or you are a FaseWind Costumer. Even it’s a super safe place, take a chain for your boards and a chain for your rigs, we have a 24h camera on the center and the access closes from 11pm to 7am, guarded by the Camping’s security.

Beach Area:
We have a reserved area for the rigs and the windsuf activities on the beach. It’s marked between flags, and in front of the navigation channel.  Please try to ride in the channel and outside the yellow boys, not invading the swimming area. 

The center in Camping Las Dunas opens in May and closes in September.
We open every day from 9 to 20!
Outdoor activities from Eastern to November, contact us for more info.

The Bay of Roses, in the Costa Brava, is one of the main navigation areas in South Europe. Freeride, slalom, speed, freestyle, foil, all these disciplines allow you to ride in Sant Pere Pescador, the spot for those who want to sail more than 200 days per year. Well comunicated, it has many nice spots nearby: Pals, Port de la Selva, Sant Martí d’Empúries, Leucate, Port la Nouvelle, Cap d’Adge, …

We have two main winds: TRAMUNTANA & XALOC

TRAMUNTANA (north direction) is our main wind, blowing from September to May. It usually lasts odd days, and it’s a strong wind. The first and last days, the wind speed can be 12 to 20 knots, in the mid days normally scores 20 to 35 knots, but it can blow more than 65 knots when it gets angry. Even it’s gusty and shifty, it’s a really appreciated wind by many good riders. In Sant Pere Pescador, we have flat or small choppy conditions with tramuntana, as it is a SIDE SHORE wind.

XALOC is our summer wind, blowing from June to September. It’s a thermal wind, wich starts at noon until 6 or 7 in the afternoon. It’s not a strong wind, but it blows every day from 12 to 20 knots in summer. Perfect for freeride, slalom and freestyle, and of course for begginers. In Sant Pere Pescador it’s flat in the morning, choppy at noon, and get’s wavy with the wind. As the wind shifts during the day, it starts arround 110º with ON SHORE conditions, shifting to 130-150º when it picks up, offering SIDE ON conditions.

Fase Wind is a local watersport brand, located in Golf de Roses, Costa Brava, since 2017. Our passion is windsurfing, surfing, sailing and all about gliding over the water. And since some years ago, it’s not only our hobby, now it’s our way of life.

The center is located in Camping Las Dunas, Sant Pere Pescador. The Bay of Roses offers a perfect place to windsurf, chill, enjoy cultural, gastronomic and sportive experiencies, everything surrounded by a very special nature.

Fase Wind has all kind of gliding activities: windsurf, foil, surf, sup, sup yoga, sailing, skating, kayak, … for all ages and levels. Lessons, rentals, coaching, clinics, comptetions, excursions, and many other activities. Windsurfing is pushing hard as the main activity, so in 2017 Fase Wind became a Simmer Style International Test Center, with all the new toys from each season for testing, renting and buying.

The main season in the camping is from May to October, but Fase Wind continues its activity all year long: competitions, coaching, testing and selling equipment, … since 2015 the staff collaborates with the PWA in the Surf Alegre, and since 2017 Hug is part of the PWA Judge Crew. The youth riders are training and competing from March to December.

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Pilar Serra – Management
Pilar was born in 1987, she grew up in Girona and Cadaqués, and she studied graphic design. She is in love with the oceans, and she loves being both in the deep and above the surface, as she is diving, sailing and windsurfing instructor, an example of versatility. Don’t try to find her on the beach, probably she is in the water!

Hug Chardon – Management
Hug was born in 1985, he grew up in Barcelona, and he studied chemical engineer. Passionated by the sea, he moved to Cadaqués where he started to manage the sailing school. He has trained several competition teams and now he is judge in the PWA crew and the national championship. He loves testing equipment, ask him for anything you need!

Together they built Fase Wind, a dynamic and characterful center: “Windsurfing was only a hobbie when we were studying. Now it’s our way of life”.

Albert Paret – Chief instructor
Albert was born in 1994 in Figueres. He loves gliding, both in the water and snow: he is a ski and windsurf instructor, really passionate about teaching and training. We spent many years together in Roses and now we keep doing our passion in Sant Pere Pescador, he is part of the crew since the beggining. He is the one for your lessons!!

Isaac Ijsselstein – Instructor
Isaac was born in 2001 in Roses, he is part of the new generation. He loves windsurfing and surfing, and his youth provides him the energy to assist all the lessons in the center. Try to ride with him!! He is the one who speaks Dutch!!

Alex Schulz – Assistant
Alex was borned in 1996. He joined the crew in 2017, helping us with the center, lessons, equipment, … He is the german guy in the crew, allways happy to help you!! Search for the big smile!!